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Responsible Sourcing

We at Saga Seafood, are driven by and passionate about simple but fundamental values: quality, responsible sourcing, sustainability, and transparency.  Consequently, it was not a coincidence that we found our partner in Iceland.  They not only share the same values, as world leaders, they cherish them.


The fisheries of Iceland have an indisputable record of responsible management, focusing on the sustainable use of fish stocks, and good treatment of the marine ecosystem.  They follow the codes of conduct of Iceland Responsible Fisheries, with rules originating in pure common sense, and at its core, the idea that sustainability is the only path to industry profitability now, and for the future.


The government of Iceland has pushed the boundaries of transparency and accountability by making available online all information related to the management of fisheries, from environmental monitoring to veterinary reports, quotas and catches. All information is accessible to the citizens of Iceland and beyond.  This highly uncommon industry-wide traceability system sets Iceland apart.


The health and well-being of our customers and the protection of our environment is the foundation of our commitment to responsible sourcing. We have carefully chosen to focus on the promotion of wild-caught fish and crustaceans: free of hormones and antibiotics, living and growing in some of the cleanest waters in the world. We complement our range of products with strictly selected farmed fish, which are non genetically modified, and free from hormones and antibiotics.  


To further our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, we have chosen to focus our efforts on the promotion of frozen seafood*. This leads to a much lower carbon footprint than fresh seafood that requires to be shipped by air freight.  All our products were processed and frozen within hours of being fished. They are stored frozen and delivered from Iceland to you.  State-of-the-art technological innovations in freezing guarantees their excellent nutritional value and exquisite taste.  From the sea to your table without the sacrifice of quality. For memorable culinary experiences, choose Saga Seafood.



*For our customers that require fresh seafood, we carbon neutralize air freight to Hong Kong.

See example of VER by Saga Seafood here


Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition

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